About the Comic

So what’s this comic about?  Well…actually, there’s really no plot holding this thing together.  But that’s OK.  You don’t need some meticulously detailed plot to have fun.  And that’s what this comic is really about–having fun.  There’s a dog named Rusty, and you can see his hijinks and various acts of mayhem here.

The Update Schedule

Currently, the comic updates twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Why is there such a infrequent update schedule with just a single panel, black and white comic? The main reason is that this is currently a side project of the artist. The current update schedule could change at any moment if demand warranted it. So feel free to ask for more.

About the Author

Rusty the Wonderdog is written and drawn by Joe Combs.  He’s not a professional illustrator or designer, but he wishes he could be.  His other webcomic, Business Casual, has been running since 2003 (with a slight break in there) and focuses on business, office, and technology humor.  He can be contacted at joe@rustythewonderdog.com.  If you’re lucky, your email won’t be lost in the countless spam that he gets.

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