Aw Nuts
October 5th, 2010

Aw Nuts

The comics are back.

Fresh off another round of comic creating from the 24 hr comic challenge along with a few other Rustys that I’ve created over the past couple of months, I have enough comics to last through the end of the year. Hopefully, between now and then, I’ll be able to create more comics so I can keep the site going for a while after the buffer runs out. I’d hate to have to wait until next October before I have more comics to post.

Like usual, the 24 hour comic event in Minneapolis was a blast. I hope you enjoy the comics that were created during the event. Hopefully, you’ll even spare me the shame of comics that I thought were funny at 3 am in the morning after making comics for 15 hours straight.

So keep checking back in or subscribe to the feed, I’ll be posting new Rusty the Wonderdog strips on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And, hopefully, by next year, I’m hoping to collect all of the Rusty comics into a book for those that like to hold a physical form of their comics.

Until later.

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