No More Reindeer Games
December 25th, 2008

No More Reindeer Games

Welcome to the official launch of my newest webcomic, Rusty The Wonderdog.  Rusty is a character that’s been with me for about 10 years in some form so it’s kind of nice to see him finally get his own home on the internet.

My current plans for the comic are to just have some fun with Rusty and post a comic every week on Thursday.  If people like the comic and clamor for more, I’m completely open for doing more.  But for now, I’m going to keep him on a weekly schedule.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll post some more information and hopefully spruce up the site a bit.  But for now, I just wanted to get the comic out and officially launched on Christmas day.

I also chose this comic and this day for a specific reason.  Rusty was actually born on a whiteboard at my first job immediately out of college.  The drawing is long since erased, and the job has long since been abandoned.  But this comic is as close to a faithful rendition of that first comic as I can remember.  It may even look a bit better.  It wasn’t long before I starting drawing Rustys around every whiteboard in the office.  Some were crude, some were fun, and some were deemed too disturbing to show children.

So I hope you enjoy these comics.  It was fun for me to revisit with Rusty, and I hope you can enjoy his company too.

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